TigerCreate 2.0 Tutorials

No. 1: Basics

Creating a project ● Setting up a scene ● Adding images ● Using the simulator

No. 2: Basic Animations

Adding animations ● Working with keys in the timeline

No. 3: Parent-Child Relationships

Parent-child hierarchy ● Using pinning to work with multiple animations simultaneously

No. 4: Interactive Sounds & Animations

Interactive sounds & animations

Export Tutorials

Export Tutorial: iOS Part 1

Xcode ● Apple Developer Program ● Registering an App ID ● Provisioning profiles

Export Tutorial: iOS Part 2

Publishing apps ● Previewing on the device

Export Tutorial: Android Part 1

Setup the Android Studio SKD ● Create the keystore file

Export Tutorial: Android Part 2

Become a Google Play Store Developer ● Create an Android App

Download material

Memo Template

Use this Memo Photoshop Template to create the cards for your TigerCreate Memo Game