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Objects have their own timelines as well as any number of animations in 2D or 3D space. Even complex parent-child animations can be played back and edited in sync. Thanks to the wide range of animation types on offer, such as path animations, dragging and scratch-off animations, anything is possible!




Touch events allow a variety of actions for all objects. With just a click, animations, sounds and speakers can be started, stopped, and paused, while many further functions can also be activated. These can be tested immediately in preview mode.



TigerCreate offers an extensive range of text options. For example, our universal patented text rendering technology (German Patent 102016110746) can place several text boxes on each page and use any of the fonts installed on your system. As an optional extra, fonts in the finished product can be automatically enlarged on smaller screens in order to guarantee perfect legibility at all times.



Thanks to the editing tool for sound trimming, the high-precision volume adjustment keys and the practical word highlighting editor, you can integrate any audio file perfectly into your workflow and listen to it directly in the audio preview.

We also realise projects for you

Do you want to give your idea, brand or services a public stage that is both interactive and multimedia based? We can realise your project!

Right from the conception stage to the final playback, TigerCreate as a software or as a full service agency will be at your side as a strong partner. Contact us today!



TigerCreate offers video integration and play back for all platforms, enbaling you to combine both information and entertainment in one gripping package!



TigerCreate speaks a lot of languages and even allows you to use non-Latin characters. Text, sound effects and graphics are easy to modify – based on the language settings.


Augmented Reality

The use of 3D animations provides scenes with even more spatial depth. And thanks to the augmented reality function, the viewer can now enjoy an incredible vivid experience. Simply scanning a page with a mobile device opens up a completely new visual world that allows you to present multifaceted content in a unique new way.



You can also integrate other elements into your projects such as puzzle, quiz, memo and painting games. These elements are especially fascinating for children, and also support learning by playing.



Break down any video you want into jigsaw pieces to make a unique, individual puzzle. You can choose from three difficulty levels, solve all your jigsaws offline and even listen to your favourite music while you puzzle away!



The TigerCreate simulator allows you to test your products effectively and intensively on simulated iOS and Android terminals with different screen sizes.

Device testing

Automatically copy your projects to Android devices using USB cables to see how they perform. TigerCreate provides a complete development environment, so you won't have to switch to any other software.



Requires at least macOS 10.12.x (Sierra)
We also offer special prices and project support for business enterprises.