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Our vision

We believe that information has to be given in a very special way. Only then will they remain anchored in our memory. We help business enterprises to keep up with the pace of technology and their users. We think in terms of lively marketing systems that have a lasting effect on people's behaviour. We combine creation and technology for the NEXT EXPERIENCE – for extraordinary digital experiences that make our clients successful. With TigerCreate, we have developed a unique software solution that is tailored precisely to these needs and that turns your story into an interactive, explorative experience.

Our mission

Regardless of whether you work in the creative field, manage a brand or run your own business, your customers and business partners want information that are more than just a static construct. They want stories of an innovative, interactive, inspirational nature! Use TigerCreate to lift your content to a new level. Breathe your life into it. From illustrated stories to sales folders, to image folders or even annual reports – anything is possible. Turn your project into an interactive experience with lots of brilliant features. Display it in versatile export formats and inspire your customers and business partners.


We are the one-stop shop for all the services your business enterprise needs

  • Discussion and planning of projects
  • Help with defining objectives for digital products
  • Positioning of interactive products for your portfolio
  • Concept and storytelling
  • Usability and user experience
  • Design thinking
  • Compilation of a service catalogue
  • Image processing and retouching
  • Animation design
  • Integration of sounds and speakers
  • Quality management and testing of interactive apps and products
  • Sales support
  • Marketing
  • Updates and maintenance


The Little Polar Bear

The little polar bear is floating on an ice floe in the open sea! Maybe Orca the whale can help …

The lovely illustrations of this classic children book were brought to life using TigerCreate and its modern Augmented Reality technology. An inspiring SuperBuch with great animations and games!

Little Fox and Big Bear

Little Fox and Big Bear are two very special friends and who have many exciting adventures together.

You can also use TigerCreate to transform short stories into unique reading experiences. With sounds, animations, interactive elements, and other special features,  TigerCreate gives your creativity free rein.

Miss Hic and the Puffy Fart

Look Out! The Unstoppable Five are among us! An amusing journey through the body begins …

This funny and wonderfully illustrated children’s book by Eva Dax and Sabine Dully was brought to life with lots of animations and effects. Integrated sounds and amusing learning games make it a perfect adventure.

Betsy – The Little Witch Chef

Betsy is not a normal witch. She can do magic. But cooking – she’s much better at that!

In cooperation with TigerCreate, Christina Andreou (author) and Maria Bacha (illustrator) have conjured a hilarious story about Betsy who is both a witch and a passionate cook Betsy. Interactive elements give the story a special touch.

Lindbergh – The Tale of a Flying Mouse

An extraordinary little mouse lives In Hamburg, Germany. One day, he decides to risk the long journey over the Atlantic Ocean.

Torben Kuhlmann’s story “Lindbergh” has been a big success – both on tradtional bookshelves and in the app stores where it is available as an animated, interactive e-book.

TigerBooks – Big stories for little people

TigerBooks is a children’s media app for tablets and smartphones that turns books for 2- to 10-year-olds – as well as classic children’s books – into unprecedented digital reading experiences in the form of e-books. TigerBooks – fanciful, animated children’s books – constitutes the cornerstone of the mobile app.

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Requires at least macOS 10.12.x (Sierra)
We also offer special prices and implementation assistance for business enterprises.