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Requires at least macOS 10.12.x (Sierra).
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Our software makes it possible! Transform your designs, illustrations and stories into interactive digital experiences with a wide range of brilliant features – and no restrictions on your creativity. From easy animations to unique augmented reality features - anything is possible.

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With our software, you can export your finished project into a variety of different formats. Interactive iBooks, single apps for iOS and Google Play, or TigerBooks - with TigerCreate, content becomes multimedia spectacles.

Current projects – realised with TigerCreate!

The Little Polar Bear

The little polar bear is floating on an ice floe in the open sea! Maybe Orca the whale can help …

The lovely illustrations of this classic children book were brought to life using TigerCreate and its modern Augmented Reality technology. An inspiring SuperBuch with great animations and games!

Little Fox and Big Bear

Little Fox and Big Bear are two very special friends and who have many exciting adventures together.

You can also use TigerCreate to transform short stories into unique reading experiences. With sounds, animations, interactive elements, and other special features,  TigerCreate gives your creativity free rein.

Miss Hic and the Puffy Fart

Look Out! The Unstoppable Five are among us! An amusing journey through the body begins …

This funny and wonderfully illustrated children’s book by Eva Dax and Sabine Dully was brought to life with lots of animations and effects. Integrated sounds and amusing learning games make it a perfect adventure.

Betsy – The Little Witch Chef

Betsy is not a normal witch. She can do magic. But cooking – she’s much better at that!

In cooperation with TigerCreate, Christina Andreou (author) and Maria Bacha (illustrator) have conjured a hilarious story about Betsy who is both a witch and a passionate cook Betsy. Interactive elements give the story a special touch.

Lindbergh – The Tale of a Flying Mouse

An extraordinary little mouse lives In Hamburg, Germany. One day, he decides to risk the long journey over the Atlantic Ocean.

Torben Kuhlmann’s story “Lindbergh” has been a big success – both on tradtional bookshelves and in the app stores where it is available as an animated, interactive e-book.

TigerBooks – Big stories for little people

TigerBooks is a children’s media app for tablets and smartphones that turns books for 2- to 10-year-olds – as well as classic children’s books – into unprecedented digital reading experiences in the form of e-books. TigerBooks – fanciful, animated children’s books – constitutes the cornerstone of the mobile app.

We also realise projects for you

Do you want to give your idea, brand or services a public stage that is both interactive and multimedia based? We can realise your project!

Right from the conception stage to the final playback, TigerCreate as a software or as a full service agency will be at your side as a strong partner. Contact us today!

Christina & Stathis Andreou, Maria Bacha
The greatest "feature" in TigerCreate is its support and development team. The developers listen carefully to all their customer's issues and address them quickly and efficiently. They even managed to get our project working in Greek just a few days after we'd submitted our request! From that day on, TigerCreate has earned our utmost respect and esteem, and they have never failed to address even the smallest issue we have presented them with.
Kristina Mostovaia
The support team has been with me from the start and was always around to answer any questions I had. Getting to know the software was an easy and intuitive process which made it a lot of fun to work with. I'm beyond grateful for the possibility of creating a cross-media book that children enjoy and that takes the whole family on an adventure.
Nils Andersen
Working with TigerCreate to animate and the realisation of AR animations was very enjoyable. The update has now made many of its functions and tools even faster and easier to use. The best thing about TigerCreate are the interactive elements which really bring analogue books to life.
Iwan Peter Scheer
The software meets pretty much all of our needs. For me having all the features required to create and publish interactive children's book integrated into a simple workflow makes all the difference.
Josh Alves
TigerCreate is one of the best tools I've used, and I am excited to see how it will develop in the future. It is the BEST tool I have ever seen!
Rhiannon Davenport
I was so pleased how easy it was to get to grips with the software, and the support that TigerCreate provides. It really is such an amazing tool that opens up a whole range of opportunities for creative people.

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Requires at least macOS 10.12.x (Sierra)
We also offer special prices and project support for business enterprises.

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